We find the name “Prospect Church” used in the “Wilmington Star” as early as August 18, 1871.  The number of church members was approximately 25.  Five uniquely different sanctuaries have been built since the Church was established.  In 1865, the first sanctuary was built with logs and had benches that were constructed with pegs.  The second sanctuary was constructed in 1876.  It was built out of logs and was a one room structure that doubled as a school.  It had a chimney that measured the entire width of the church.  This structure was later destroyed by fire.  The third was a large, one-room lumber building that was erected in 1895 and is still intact behind Moore’s Chainsaw.  Harvest days and box suppers helped finance earlier constructions.  In 1946 the first brick structure was erected with a seating capacity of 250 which featured beautiful stain glass windows.  As the church continued to expand a need for a new sanctuary arose and in 1987 Prospect Community Church broke ground for the existing sanctuary.  In 1988 the new sanctuary officially opened.